Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow, ice, flu & no roof!

After weeks of meeting with waaaaaaayy too many contractors, finally deciding on one, negotiating the minefield that is dealing with your insurance company AND the mortgage company over reimbursements, the weather turns to doo-doo.  This is GEORGIA people!!  We play golf in short sleeves over Christmas break!  We do NOT have snow, sleet, and ice for days and days!  I'd love to get my new roof put on.....but the temp has to be above 40F and there can't be any frozen slick stuff up there.....sigh.....

With my luck, the temp will come up roughly the same time my in-laws pull into the driveway for their 5-day visit over Christmas.  That will just rock.  Hammering from 7am to 5pm for 2-3 days while I try and entertain and cook 3 meals a day for Nana & Papa.....pray for me!

To add to all things merry and bright, 2 of my kidlets have the flu.  Again.  Didn't we JUST do this back in October?  Weren't we told that we were NOT in the high risk group so we couldn't get the flu shot until November?  So when all FIVE of us go the flu in October, the doc said "No need to get the shot  now."  Um...yeah...about that....seems that there are at least TWO forms of flu running around.  So, we've missed Taekwondo, Scouts, piano lessons, and haven't done a whole lot of's just a banner week.

OK....enough whining.  There is good news to share - Bennett comes home tonight and he actually gets to STAY home until Jan 3rd - woo hoo!  Maybe he can manage the contractors, in-laws, AND the kidlets.....and I can run far, far away to a quiet place?  A girl can dream, right?

Other goodness is from the amazing Linda Roos of In The Making Design.  This chick rocks!  She has a fabulous new kit coming out on Monday at - you should go check it out!  Here's my take on her new kit:

We all wore our favorite colors for the photo shoot.  Yes, I look like a deer caught in headlights....see post below.  Hope you find some peace & joy during this Christmas season.....check back soon for more fun!


Anonymous said...

My sister lives down in Atlanta, and although she is used to hard winters in Ohio, she too is unhappy with the weather. Hope it warms up for you guys! :-)

Galliena Gornet said...

I’m so sorry to hear that the weather was not being kind! I hope it cooperated long enough for your new roof to be put on! I’m sure that the new roof was very welcome protection against one of the coldest winters we’ve had in the past few years. How long did it take the roofers to get the job done?