Tuesday, December 22, 2009

6 Changes

So - who's up for some change? Some REAL change....change that works and helps you out on a daily basis and doesn't jack up your tax bill or ruin the economy? Here's the scoop: I've been a casual follower of the Zen Habits blog - pretty cool guy that talks about making your life more simplified so you can focus of what's important instead of stomping out fires everyday.....his new site, 6 Changes, is all about adding/changing 6 habits with very simple steps. You in? Good!

OK. Here are my 6 things I'd like to do:

1. Exercise daily.
2. Wake up earlier.
3. Declutter/organize for 30 min each day.
4. Make daily housework happen with the kids.
5. Create everyday (photography, scrapbooking)
6. Daily devotions with the kids.

So - now that I've publicly declared my intentions......will you help hold me to it? I'll do the same for you......

Off to read the 6 Changes site to see what my next steps are......