Thursday, May 26, 2011

7 Days in May goodness.....

It's MAY!!  It's getting warm (OK, hot - but that's how we Georgia girls like it, right??), the kids are starting swimming & diving, the pool is open, the beach is calling my name.....AND, it's time for 7 Days in May at - can I get an Amen?  Where else do you get SEVEN days of challenges, templates, goodies and other amazing stuff - just because it's May??

Check out my favorite so far:
7 Days in May Template by Liv Esteban

This is my oldest, Zane, when he was just a few months old, hanging with my grandfather, Pop.  I had dressed Zane in this adorable little baseball outfit - complete with cap - and he and Pop sat and "chatted" for quite a while - it was just awesome.  Zane is 10 now but still remembers Pop and the fun times they shared.

So - go check out the goodies at - and don't forget about the big anniversary blast coming later in June - it's gonna be fabulous!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm baaaaacccccckkkk!

My name is Meg and I am a bad blogger.  Is there a support group for people like me?

I wish I had the time/energy/motivation/fascinating life to have enough to blog every day or even every other day.  But it would read something like this:  Monday:  Today I did laundry, cooked, ranted so that 3 kids would do all their school, played chauffeur to 14 different places, stayed up too late, and didn't get done haf of what I needed to.   Tuesday:  see Monday.  Wednesday:  see Monday.  Thursday:  see Monday.  Friday:  see Monday, etc......  I know, I wouldn't want to type it either.

Then there's that whole out of town, Scout trips, out of the country, stop-the-world-I-wanna-get-off whirlwind that has been our lives the past few weeks.  Some things never change, right?

But - I have some WAY cool news to share:  you absolutely MUST join in the Annual 7 Days in May - the week of May 23-29 at!  7 days of scrap challenges, freebies, and more fun than is probably legal in Georgia!

And - there are a few more cool things I need to share.  For starters, check out these awesome little layouts featuring the way cool design vibes of the Queen of Quirk - she's awesome!!  I was lucky enough to get to do two layouts with two different offerings from her - check these out:

Chef Zane
It's a start templates 1 Old Boris Kit Font: American Typewriter

You & Me
Cora Paper Pack Jessica Sprague Template+ 1.11

Aren't they adorable?  Yes, the hubby is kinda cute, too!

So - mark your calendars for May 23-29 for the 7 Days in May & I'll see you there!