Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cool new stuff, pictures, & snow?

Ok - I live in Georgia....where it is supposedly kinda warm, right?  So, the fam and I head over to get our pictures taken (more on that in a minute), as we leave the house, it starts to SNOW.....seriously?  I have friends in the northern part of the US...and they had temps 20+ degrees higher than we did today.

Tomorrow, it's supposed to get down to 10 degrees.  Ten.  Ten is NOT a temperature.  It's half a football score or how many days I'd like to cruise the Greek is not an acceptable reading for a thermometer in Georgia.

New stuff - one of my uber-fave designers, Linda Roos, is realeasing some fabulous new stuff tomorrow at  I adore Linda's stuff - I've been following her and downloading her freebies from her blog for almost 2 years!  Now she designs for the divine Ms. J....awesome!

Anyway - Linda is coming out with new elements packs tomorrow - cool wax splatters and wax seals - fun stuff!  Here's my take on the wax seals:

Linda Roos - In The Making Design Wax Seals
Papers also by Linda - blog freebies!

Aren't they adorable??  They come in four colors - blue & black in addition to the red & green you see here.  Definitely check out Linda's stuff tomorrow!

So - pictures - have you ever tried to stuff several octopus (octopi?) into a sack?  That seems like a good analogy to sum up how my day went today.  The kids were cranky, hubby was stressed about making his flight (snow+Atlanta airport = disaster!), and I was so frazzled by the time we got there, waited almost an hour AFTER our appointment time, that it was just a disaster.  Yes, that wild-eyed, frantic look on my face is a pretty good indicator that I really should have listened to my sister-in-law and let her take our pictures....sometimes you just never learn.  Oh...and Harper spiked a fever during all the fun so she looks like she'd rather be curled up in bed than on display.....yay.

But - here are some of the results:

We all wore our favorite color t-shirt - at least the colors are fun!


Raining Roses said...

Meg, I love the colors. Y'all don't look stressed at all. It looks like a fun-loving and devoted family--just what y'all are!