Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back to life.....back to reality....

I had an awesome weekend.  I left the 3 minions at home with Daddy and I escaped to scrap with friends for 2 days.  It was wonderfully fabulous - nobody called me "Mommy," nobody woke me up at the crack of dawn asking for Cheerios, I got to shower without having to scream a conversation over the sound of the water about why you HAVE to finish your math problems.  I even managed to get some good scrapbooking done....more on that in a minute.

So - despite his having a yucky cold, my wonderful hubby stepped up the challenge that is wrangling our 3 kidlets solo for a couple of days.  I think he realized that if he didn't give me the break that there might be fewer kidlets next week.

After my two days of bliss, reality crashed down hard.  Reality is a bitch.

I came home to a kitchen table that looked like the Keebler elves had exploded on it.  There had to be 4 boxes worth of graham cracker crumbs on the table, the chairs, the floor.  I hate crunchy floors.

Then - the kicker.  As I'm shoveling the crumbs off the floor, I see hunks of hair.....pretty long hunks of hair.  In a slight panic, thinking that the middle minion had cut her gorgeous wavy, mink brown, waist length hair, I yelled for her get downstairs NOW.  Her hair is fine.  Who's hair is this??

Turns out, the youngest minion - the 5yo - had cut huge hunks out of his bangs.  There's big piece that sticks straight up right in front.  He looks like he's wearing an Alfalfa toupee.....backwards.  We haven't taken our family Christmas picture yet.  Just awesome.

Ok - about that scrapbooking.....I did the first draft of our Christmas go with the as yet untaken Christmas least the 5yo has hair in the letter's pictures.  And, I got this great Top 10 layout done.  I love it because looking at it makes me smile - it's photos of some of the highlights of 2010.  We are truly blessed.....despite the crumbs and bad haircuts.

Awesome new template from In The Making Design....

Template - ITM Top 10
Postage Stamps - ITM Postage Alpha
Numbers - iKari Designs Dates
Yellow and teal paper:  Crystal Wilkerson Playground papers
Stripe paper - Moody Grunge by MHains

Linda Roos (In The Making Design) created the awesome template that's available tomorrow at

Hope it makes you smile, too.