Thursday, August 28, 2008

Computers...the best & worst of times!

OK - so I gotta say that I am totally and completely hooked on this digi scrapping I just have to figure out what to do with my many $$$ worth of paper scraping stuff....but I digress....Computers & the!

It's just so awesome to be able to check the weather, catch up on the news, read the Bible (any & all versions!!), do shopping, manage the family social life, do research (comes in really handy for that home school stuff), and just be able to find info on any topic at any time....amazing!

Then you have some dumb@$$ at AT&T who decided that the Fri evening of Labor Day w/e would be a good time to roll out the new code that Bennett has been working on. Which means that I will be taking all 3 kidlets solo to my parents' lake house (pray for my sanity)....until Bennett can get there late, late, late Fri night (Sat AM?).

OK - enough griping!

I just had a wonderful evening with my awesome new good friend, Gail. She & I met at this little Italian restaurant in the Smyrna Square after her choir practice and it was so nice to spend some time with a kindred soul....she and I have so much in common that it is scary. We both home school, both our husbands are quieter than we are and are sort of nerdy in their own endearing way, we both love to sing, we both struggle with the balance of family/school/personal.....anyway, it was nice. You know how you meet somebody and you just feel like you've known them forever? Yeah, that...

So - I will be without the internet for 5 whole days.....eeeek! If nothing else, maybe I can get the TONS of free digi stash that I've been downloading organized. If you are not already an addict, check out the online digi classes at Jessica Sprague's site and then go check out all the free digi goodness you can find on this fabulous blog - it gets updated every day!! I'm running out of hard drive space!! Is it weird that all I want for Xmas is a 500 gb (ooooh....or even a terabyte) drive??

Anyway - have a fab Labor Day & I'll see you all next week!