Monday, August 11, 2008

I have a blog!!

Check me out - I have a blog - now everybody else can spend the hours they should be working/sleeping/playing with the kids reading all about my life!

Just kidding - I guess it's sort of the natural progression of things. I'm married to a techie-type and we currently have 4 laptops in the den alone (at least that I know of...haven't checked under the couch lately....) and who knows how many PCs and Macs floating around the house.

It's 4:28am ET (damn insomnia) and I really should be sleeping - long day tomorrow...instead I'm creating a blog, organizing my digi stash (more on that later) and trying to coordinate the two home school group calendars with my family calendar and not forget anything important....since I'm basically in charge of the free world these days, that is about as easy as brokering world peace.....pray for my sanity!

OK- I'm going to post this - whee- and then get back to organizing.....have a fab day!


ScrappyGuy said...

YAY! Welcome the BlogRace!

Margot said...

Hi Meg! Welcome to blogging.  Just wait until you get into blog design.  You're already a head up on some since you digiscrap.