Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taekwondo Belt tests

Our two older kids take taekwondo.  It was something that we tried on a lark - just to do something different and probably because my kids are obsesses with the Japanese anime cartoon of Avatar.  But that's another blog post....

What started out as a "let's try this and just see if we like it" has now truly become a part of who they are.  Our little taekwondo school - Perfect Strength Taekwondo - was started by one really nice guy who wanted to combine the discipline and strength or martial arts with the compassion and love that comes from his faith....and he's doing a fabulous job.  After just over a year, we now have 3 levels of belts practicing together, sharing bible verses, and becoming an extended family.  It's awesome.  If you live anywhere near Smyrna, Ga, or know anyone who does, they should come check it out - send me an email for details.

Harper & Zane just earned their green belts - not bad for just 13 months of study!  That's their 5th level belt!

One of my favorite moments was their orange belt test - they had to break a board!  It was very nerve-wracking and was the cause of much worry - but in the end, they were both champions!  Here's a LO that I did to celebrate the achievement:

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So....I am a proud Mommy...and looking forward to getting the little wild man (our 5yo) signed up soon!