Sunday, February 6, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date Night

2 of my 3 kids are totally "Daddy's Boy or Girl."  Ware is a complete Mommy-boy...but he is the baby and only 5, so things could change.  But Zane & Harper have been all-Daddy-all-the-time since birth.  In fact, Zane's very first act was to turn his head & look at Bennett when he heard his Daddy's voice right after birth - we have the picture to prove it.  But, I will spare you the trauma of seeing me immediately's not pretty.

But - this is:  on Saturday, our local Chick-Fil-A hosted Daddy Daughter Date Night.  It was awesome.  Harper knew about it since last week so by the time Saturday rolled around, she was literally vibrating, she was so excited!  She picked out outfits & hairstyles, and changed her mind, for days prior to the Big Event.  I have a feeling that Prom may send her completely around the bend and I'm a bit nervous about the whole wedding thing....I was kinda hoping for a ladder & a check....but since she's not allowed to date until she's 40, I have a few years to stress over that yet.

So - faced with the BIG EVENT that is a date with Daddy, Harper finally pulled together an outfit & hairstyle (with some very nice input from Daddy - he's a budding fashionista - who knew?)...and the two of them went out on their date.  It was awesome.

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Here's Harper's complete outfit:

Yep - that smile stayed on all day & night & even was going strong today.  Harper loves her Daddy..and that's just awesome.