Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow - a day totally to myself!

OK - so here I am in Provo! The flight out was nice - met a lot of people from SLC who all had suggestions about what to see & do - I had no idea that Utah had so much to offer.

So our flight lands about 20 minutes early - which is nice because that meant that I could get my bag, pick up the rental car & get to the hotel before it was to late (I'm still on Eastern time - 2 hours later). We all get to the baggage claim - out of the 4 huge carousels, there is only one that is active. There is a huge crowd - probably 6-8 people deep around the carousel - I can't actually see the carousel, just the blinking sign above that is flashing flight numbers for the - wait for it - TEN flights worth of luggage that are all on this single one! Needless to say, that blew my gained 20 minutes & then some.

Then I realized how spoiled I am to live in a city with a huge international airport- with well-lit and well-marked signage to find things like where the freakin' rental cars actually are! So after wandering around & asking several uniformed people, I found it - across two streets in this dark and un-marked building. Maybe the nice SLC'ers don't really want to many tourists clogging up their pristine National Parks, etc.?!

Got the car, piled in all the luggage & headed South to Provo. They are doing work on the highways so traffic - even at 1opm (MT) was really clogged.....sigh.....

Found the hotel - it's not in the greatest of neighborhoods - but at least I have a rental car. Heather at the desk - maybe the first Goth Mormon I've ever met - was extremely nice getting me checked in.

So - here I am - it's 6:30am (MT) and I'm off to the Concierge Lounge for coffee and b'fast. Then I may do some yoga or swim or workout or stay in bed all day reading - who knows? I can't remember that last day where I truly had nothing I had to do or anyone to be with or take care's sort freeing and paralyzing all at the same time. Just shows how much I need this week!


ScrappyGuy said...

Don't worry, your freedom ends tomorrow.

I arrive!

Cilenia said...

LOVE IT! Enjoy the time sweetie. I'm coming in tomorrow too! I'm sooo excited I can't sit still... good thing, I have tons to get ready!