Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sprague Fest - Wed - part 1

It's Wonderful Wednesday! Gary, Gail and I slept in until 8am (10am ET) and then grabbed a quick breakfast in the Concierge Lounge - thanks, Bennett!!

So - the group kind of went in different directions for the morning & the 3 of us decided to do the Provo Canyon Loop - about an hour+ of amazing views, loopy roads & just lots & lots of beauty.

First stop - Bridal Veil Falls - pretty little waterfall - but it was freezing cold to we thin-blooded Georgians. This nice family agreed to swap photos with us so they took ours first. We were so cold that we dashed back to the car & almost drove off before we remembered - oops - that we needed to take theirs too!

Next was Sundance - yes, that Sundance. Surprisingly small place on a tiny barely 2-lane road - can't imagine how crazy it gets when the film festival is there.

We wandered a bit & took some gorgeous pictures....I couldn't get enough of the pretty flowers and plants they had growing everywhere - such color!

As we continued around the canyon loop, the aspens were just amazing. Even thought the leaves were still green, the bright grey/white of the trunks gave such a depth of light to the forest - it was unlike anything we had ever seen, being more used to darker forests with the deep brown of the oaks & pines.

The group met back up at a book store (surprise, right?) and we decided on The Old Spaghetti Factory for lunch - seems quite a few of us share a love of mizithra cheese!

But for me, the best part was talking & laughing - IN PERSON, with all these amazing people.

While we were there, Kari started ragging on Laurie for not posting the last few times to make Digital Superstar status on Laurie, always up for a challenge, whipped out her cell phone & crossed that task off her list! We all got to cheer - IN PERSON! Got this pic to celebrate the moment:

Oh - I forgot to include a fun picture of Laurie from yesterday - isn't she the cutest thing in the world? Just love the tiny baby bump - have you ever seen a tinier or cuter preggo?


Terebene said...

SO jealous and SO excited to see you all tomorrow! I can't believe the aspens haven't turned. Ours are done. I am off to pack!

Kylee said...

Meg, thanks for sharing the SpragueFest with those of us that have missed out! I will stop by every day, to check out what you've all been up to! :) Maybe next year I can make the trip from Australia ... fingers crossed!

Chrystal said...

Thank you so much for posting this for all of us who WISH we could be there. :) So jealous, but at the same time glad you are having such an amazing time.