Monday, September 21, 2009

The fun starts tomorrow!

OK - after an amazing day in Provo where I did literally ANYTHING I wanted - nobody said "Mommy," nobody came to talk to me when I was in the bathroom, nobody tried to kill anybody else the minute the phone rang, no work (maybe the best part!), I ate what I wanted, when I wanted - and didn't have to cook or clean or do laundry or manage homeschool...I even took a nap!! It was awesome.

The bad thing is that that is just Monday....and I'm already missing Bennett and my kids - how can that be? The very sound of their little voices was setting my teeth on edge just yesterday before I left....being a mommy is a funny thing. Plus, it's weird to travel without Bennett - he and I have some amazing adventures together....but I digress.

So - tomorrow, we meet in the lobby at 10am - then we're headed into Salt Lake City to tour around. Since many of our group either grew up here or went to school here, it should be awesome.

Then, tomorrow evening, Gail & Gary arrive - my partners in digi-crime! Can't wait to start running around Utah with some really good friends. Down time is nice - and much needed - but travel is only fun if you have someone to share the experience.

So - it's hummus, broccoli & strawberries for dinner in the room (healthier than a cheeseburger, right?), a good night's sleep and then FUN!


ScrappyGuy said...

Okay, who provided the HEALTHY food? With you and Gail am I going to be the only one shoving handfuls of chocolate covered raisins down my gullet?
I will be there in 12 hours!!

lovely laurie said...

Waaaaa! Cry! Sob! I'm so missing out!

Hey! I live in SLC! Come see me!

Laurie (lolamo)

Dawn said...

Hey there Meg...I am soooo jealous!
Hope you have a great time and tell everyone that DawnS says "hi"!

Terebene said...

I am so excited to join you Thursday! Have an amazing time!