Sunday, February 17, 2013

All in the mix...

So - how's your February going?  Mine's been a little bit nutty.  Still trying to get caught up with my various obligations and have some time to do the things that I love as well.  Of course, this means that I'm usually doing these much-loved things in the wee and not so wee hours of the night....good thing I'm a total night owl!  Now, if I could just get the rest of the world on my schedule, life would be good.

Being able to do with little sleep or turning my days and nights around used to be no big deal.  After all, I could always sleep in on Saturday, catch a nap after church on Sunday....whatever.  Those days are gone, my friends.  Extinct.  Like the dinosaurs and the blue-footed booby bird (no, I am NOT making that up).  Life is a candle that gets burned at BOTH ends these days. 

But, you say, your kids don't go to regular school - you don't have to have them up, dressed, and fed to catch the 4:17am bus.  That is correct.  If I get up that early, is to shoot something or catch it on a big hook.  Consider yourselves warned.  So, yes, we may not get up as early as your family does.....but, you probably go to bed regularly before 2am....not so much over here.  Your kids might not be in as many activities as mine are (7 each at last count and that varies with the seasons) - which is one of the blessings and banes of home education.  We have a more flexible schedule, so we (OK, I) feel obligated to cram as much exposure and learning into the days as we I can.

Then, you have someone like me who makes Type-A's look lazy & learning-challenged.  If I'm involved in it, you can bet that somehow, some way, I will open my big fat mouth and volunteer to "help out."  That's Meg-speak for end up running the whole dang show.  So, 4 websites, 3 CTs, 2 hybrid schools, and a taekwondo studio later (somebody ought to put that to music...hey, I bet I can whip something up......), my free time went the way of the blue boobies.  Make up your own jokes.

But.....every once in a while, I get an unbroken span of 37 seconds or so and get to make something pretty.  Of course, it helps tremendously that I am blessed to call several of the most amazing digital designers on the planet friends and I get to play with their stuff - often before you can get your hot little hands on haters, please.  Here's a look at some of my dear friend, Liv Esteban's newest stuff:
A Scout is....Awesome!
Rollover Brushes
Storyboard Album Template 14
EZ-PZ Template 02 - Inked Overlay
Pure Adoration
liv.edesigns - T+Mini (Template+Mini Kit) Vol. 2 - Adoration
Font: Bradley Hand ITC TT
Caught on Film
liv.edesigns - LIV-TMini01-Filmed
liv.edesigns Texture Magic Paper Texturizers
Font: Cochina
THIS is what I'm talking about - combining technology, pretty stuff, and photos of people, places and things that I love....this is what makes me happy.  Now, if I could only find an extra couple or 9 hours a day to make more of these, i might actually get caught up on all my 27,000 pictures....a girl can dream, right?