Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One little word.......order.

It is the current trend to pick "one little word" to be your theme/guide/goal for the year.  People have been doing this for a few years now and it's generated some really beautiful and thought-provoking blog posts, FB statuses (stati?), and truly artful scrapbook pages.

With my usual flair for procrastination, I am bringing up the rear of this train (they don't use cabooses (cabi?) any more) and I have - alert the media - chosen my word for 2013.

Order.  No - not as in "would you like fries with that" - which is the career path I threaten my children with if they slack off on their home school studies - but as in the calm serenity that magically appears when things are in their proper order.

The last few years have been more than insane around our house.  With travel schedules, learning opportunities (that's school lessons for those of you employed at the Golden Arches) to create/teach/do, taking on way too much for other people, family mess, the varied & numerous activities my kids are all in......I'm about to lose my ever-lovin' mind. Something must be done.

So as to avoid the Southern kiss of death - where references to you or yours are prefaced or softened by the obligatory "bless her heart" (which then grants the speaker carte blanche to trash your good name nine ways from Sunday) - my focus this year will be on order.

Order in the priorities that guide our daily/weekly/monthly lives - living for those inside our house first.  Family first.  This saying has caused a lot of grief for me over the years.  Everyone (and I do mean everyone) assumes that I am able to drop all my juggled cats and run to fix whatever problem/ailment they have or have created (often due to a lack of planning on their part).  This means that my kids' education has taken a hit, my house looks like an "after" picture for Sarajevo, and my relationships with my husband and kids has taken a hit.  No more.  Consider yourself notified. If I didn't marry you or give birth to you, your problems/ailments/work/duties/obligations will take a back seat to the aforementioned group.  Plan your life accordingly.

Order in the arrangement of our house - more free space, less stuff.  We are overwhelmingly blessed with people who love us enough to give us gifts.  Like most Americans, we need almost none of it.  So, if you are led to show your love to us in a way that involves "stuff, " allow me to let you off the hook.  What we need (and want) is babysitting so Bennett and I can finish that conversation we started 14 years ago.  Or maybe a nice dinner with your family - our place or yours - no matter.  We want the gift of you - not what you can buy.

Order in the way we live our lives.  Actually putting the BIG stuff first instead of living in a constant state of panic as we try and squeeze golf balls into spaces that only sand or water fits.  More time at home with each other.  Less time doing things because we feel like we "have" to.

Order in the serenity of my home.  No more crabby Bennett who (rightfully) is miffed over the chaos of the house - clutter, laundry, not as much cleaning as needed....  More time and energy spent on making our house a home.  Not a museum - feel free to eat pizza in the den - just know that you have to clean up your dinner mess (and maybe fold a load of towels or two) before anything else happens.

Forgive the snark-fest.  I promise that this OLW focus will be positive from this point on.  I just needed to get this stuff of my chest so that I can work towards order.  My sanity and my health depend on it. 

Hope that 2013 is filled with laughter, joy, and peace for you & yours.....and order.


Angie Martin Hall said...

Meg, I really enjoyed reading this post, and yes, Yes, and YES. Order is in order, at least around here. I so want to simplify things at Hall Headquarters this year. Maybe I'll be able to do that once I've cleared the basement of my old-school paper scrapbooking clutter.

Best wishes to you and yours in 2013...