Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Enjoying extra time....

Ok - so I promised to keep it positive with the One Little Word stuff from now on - so no more snarkfest.  This past week has been so awesome - nothing on the schedule but time with some dear friends, Zane is getting better, and the kids and I have really enjoyed having Bennett home.

When he's on the road, life just feels a little more tense.  Maybe it's because I know that no matter what, I am flying solo when it comes to all things school/kids/activities/cooking/meals/shopping/bills, etc.  To all you single parents out there, hats off to you - at least I get (most) weekends off.

Been laying the groundwork to simplify life outside of home as well.  Trying to bring order to the various organizations that I serve so that they can float along with much less input from me.  It feels good.  Like a weight is slowly being lifted.  I know there's still a long way to go, but my hope is that, by this summer, my plate will be a LOT less full and my energies can be better focused on the few really important things rather than the frantic techno blasts (mostly done via the internet when normal people are sleeping) of emails, LO posts, website updates, and oh yeah, some document review.

Created a LO to express what it feels like to me:

Liv.e Designs Loopies Vol 3 - Here W Go Loopy Loo

Right now - I'm living in the blue, swirly part.  Slowly but surely, I hope to move into the calm and ordered tan part.  I so need some calm and quiet.  One goal is to maybe get back into yoga.

That bubble is quickly burst by visions of having my 7yo's toe in my nostril (he has a GIANT Mommy-crush right now and must be with me on me during every waking moment), my concentration smashed by the dulcet tones constant babble of my very-cute-and-very-verbose 8yo daughter that we really should have named Mynah, and the inevitable sibling war that erupts within 17 seconds of the 12yo entering any room occupied by either younger sibling.  Do you think that DFACS will mind if I duct tape them all together (with one piece strategically placed over Mynah's mouth) and call it their "Get-Along" outfit?

But....I digress.....back to deep breathing and closet clean-outs......