Sunday, April 10, 2011

Congrats Charl!

Wow - what a finish to the Masters!  Haven't seen that many in the hunt for a green jacket on Sunday in a while.  Sorry to see the Aussies shut out...again...but happy that a S. African won on the 50th anniversary - to the day - of his countryman, Gary Player's Masters win.  So much tradition....

But - gotta say, watching on my couch in Smyrna while listening to the kids bicker about cleaning their rooms leaves a LOT to be desired.  Hopefully, it will be another 43 Masters Tournaments before I miss being in Augusta again.  The Thur & Fri that I got to go with Daddy (and also Zane, on Friday) were fabulous, though.  Temps in the 70s, light breeze, sunny weather and the course just immaculate - which is amazing given the ferocity of the storms that blew through Monday night leaving huge trees broken on roofs and debris everywhere.  The landscape team at The National are simply awe -inspiring.

Here's a quick LO of the 3 of us at the course - gotta say, having a Junior Patron along was fabulous - we got to the head of every line and Zane was treated like royalty!

3 Generations at the Masters
Springtime Paper/Element Pack #1 Springtime Paper/Element Pack #2 Template: JSprague Template 12; Fonts: Century Gothic & Georgia

Next year, Zane will probably be as tall as I am - he's growing so fast!  Now, the official down time known as Post-Masters Depression begins....we Augustans will be a bit reserved for a while as we console ourselves that we have to wait a whole year until the nest Masters Tournament.


Gail Rich Nestor said...

Awesome photo and layout, Meg! I love your background too. :-)

Jana Holden said...

Awesome traditions for the Masters and your family! Love your LO Meg!