Monday, January 10, 2011


OK - I admit it, I'm a Southern girl, so when it comes to snow, I'm like a little kid!  Bennett laughed at me last night as I jumped up every few minutes to check on the status of the rapidly accumulating snow.  "They" forecast 2-4" of the white stuff for us.  "They" got it usual.  We have a glorious 6-7" and the giant hill in front of our house is again Sledding Central as the neighborhood kids (young and not so young) gather to play.  Pictures coming soon!

In the meantime - go check out the goodies at today - awesome new products from Nisa Fiins (aka Splendid Fiins).  Here's my take on her new Make a Mess Painted Masks and Photo Masks:

Make a Mess - masks vol. 1 Striped Paper - Delicious: sweet pea paper pack;
Fonts - Inked God & Georgia
Go check it out!


Jana Holden said...

You did a great job with these masks Meg! Great shots of your sweeties too!