Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Buck Wednesdays always make me smile!

Yes - it's that time again - $1 Wednesday at JessicaSprague.com - woot!  There will be LOTS of fun things on sale for only ONE BUCK - go check it out!

My favorite things are the templates - and Jessica's are the best - so detailed, so well thought out and they always come with lots of goodies and there will be TWO of them on sale for $1 on Wed.

Here's my take on one of them:
Isn't my hubby cute?  Yes, I am lucky enough to be married to the cutest geek on the planet! 

So - are y'all ready for Halloween?  My kids are bouncing off the walls in anticipation - I think their blood sugar goes up just thinking about it.  What are your kids going to be?  So far, I have a cheetah, a T-Rex and a Martial Arts expert....but that changes daily...pictures on the final decisions coming soon.