Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You know...I should do this more often!

So - have YOU laughed today? Just seeing this layout* makes me giggle a bit on the inside - just got back from a fabulous long weekend in Chicago for Jessica Sprague's inaugural showing at the Craft & Hobby association trade show (CHA)...just wow. I got to see the fabulous Jes in her element sharing the things she loves with so many people and getting to see the light bulbs go
on when they realized that it WAS easy and that they COULD do it, and gosh darn it - it's FUN! I am blessed to be able to say that I was there and played a very small part in what is sure to be her continued and much-deserved success!

Wow- how do you sum up one of the most fabulous weekends of your life?? Getting (finally!) meet Jared, hanging with Gary, Joan, Kari, Tori, Carina, Laurie, Jenn, Crystal, Kristen, Jana, & Jeanne, getting to meet Ann and her hubby, Miki & her daughter, Kelly, Kim, and so many others (I'm terrible with names....it's embarrassing!)....just awesome.

How do you pick a favorite moment from a weekend where you hung out with your favorite people, did your favorite things, laughed until your tummy hurt & LOVED every minute of it?

You don't.

You make LOs like the one above, think of feral macaroni, swings, walking tours, wine mixups, chocolate cake for 8 (when there are 5 of you), having your hubby meet & spend time with some of the amazing people (gotta say, that's in the top 5!!), and hope that a few more good friends will be there with us next time. Missed you Liv, Joan, Kendra.....

*It is with a grateful heart that I say thanks to Liv Esteban, Jessica & Anna Aspnes for the cool stuff to go into the LO above....it makes me smile every time I see it.....

Now....go find someone to laugh with...you'll be glad you did.


ScrappyGuy said...

Har Har Har. I can still taste that pie.